Kevin Cramer holds a solid lead. Or does he?

West Dakota Fox reports a Gray television poll released in the past few days shows Kevin Cramer with a 51 - 41 percent lead in the race for the U.S. Senate seat in North Dakota. Eight percent were listed as "undecided."

Gray Television conducted the poll in conjunction with Strategic Research Associates LLC of Austin Texas. The pollsters surveyed 650 "likely voters" between September 17-27, 2018. Determination of the "likely voter sample" was based on voting history.

Still, many of Senator Heitkamp's supporters, most notably her brother talk host Joel Heitkamp, are skeptical.

On his "News and Views" talkshow Tuesday (as heard in Bismarck on Townsquare Media's KLXX SuperTalk 1270), Mr. Heitkamp recalled how the Forum ran a headline showing Rick Berg in a ten-point lead during the 2012 senatorial race. This lead to a "Dewey beats Truman" moment, when Senator-elect Heitkamp held up the headline at a press conference.



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