Greg Champagne is a sheriff in Louisiana and also the President of the National Sheriff's Association. He was recently at the site of the pipeline protests.

Champagne, in a lengthy Facebook post on Monday evening said that he had the opportunity to experience the protests and the law enforcement response for a couple of days in late October.

In the post, he said he learned that reports that the pipeline goes through the Standing Rock Sioux's land is false. Additionally he says that the protests are not actually peaceful.

He acknowledges that the argument of the protesters has evolved to defending public waterways and not just tribal lands. In the post Champagne writes:

It is difficult to believe that a single modern pipeline would be more environmentally risky than transporting crude oil by rail or truck through the same territory.

Champagne ends his post by telling people to move on:

It's time for everyone to move on in reference to The Dakota Access Pipeline and stop putting further strain on the citizens and law enforcement officers of North Dakota and surrounding states.

You can read the entire 1,220 word post below.