Hopefully, we can find the owner. 

Apparently, there are puppies that were found in the 1804 block in North Bismarck. It's great that we have people that are actively looking for the owners through Facebook.

As the weather gets colder these situations can be life or death for this poor animals so organizations like Mochas Mission and Bismarck-Mandan's Lost pets are very important in that regard.

The purpose of this blog, of course, is to shed light on these situations. Hopefully, the massive signal that our station provides can reach more people and help shed light on the owners if they currently do not use social media.

In this case though, If the owners that are missing these puppies can reach out on Facebook or call us at 343-9406 we can help to get your animals back.

Thanks again for the people on Facebook for shedding light on this subject. 

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