It's so tough in the Twitterverse of today's news cycle to see really talented people fall. It's even tougher when you realize the true colors of these people and the poor victims that had to deal with the aftermath mentally. 

You know I was a big Bill Cosby fan, liked his Comedy, used to watch Fat Albert when I was a kid, as well as the Cosby show as I grew up. Now looking back on it the guy really connected to American Television more than any other African American ever did.

He was to TV what Michael Jackson was to music and what Muhammad Ali was to sports.  A real role model for African Americans, and all Americans for that matter that grew up in that era. 

For someone who was that famous, that rich and that influential to actually commit the acts to this woman he was found guilty of, as well as the 50 other women that were either paid off or scared to silence over the years, is just sad.  In this day and age of transparency, we are learning what these people in the public eye are really made of.

Of course, this isn't a judgment on everyone who's in the public eye but it just goes to show that talent, Cash, and Fame doesn't always mean you're a good person inside.


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