Did you check out the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase in Bismarck this past weekend?

It began to feel a lot like Christmas this past weekend in Bismarck-Mandan - and it is not just because we hit below-freezing temperatures and the snow blew in. This past Friday through Sunday, there was a huge holiday event happening at the Bismarck Event Center. Did you stop out for the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase?

Over 200 small businesses owners were at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase.

According to KFYR-TV, there were over 200 small business owners at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase. And thousands of people came out to shop for gifts that are unique "North Dakotan." One vendor I spoke to told me much of their product even sold out on the first night when over 5,000 people came through the Event Center!

This year was the very first year I went to Pride of Dakota and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many cool and unique North Dakota-owned and operated businesses. There were incredible gifts for everyone - handmade kids' mittens, homemade dog treats, wine ice cream, and more!

Why is it important to shop locally?

We all shop big-box chains and online, but we can't forget about the businesses that are the backbone of our state. When you shop from local companies, your money is staying in the state, you are supporting people in your community, and you get unique options you will not find anywhere else.

What is your favorite North Dakota business to shop from?

Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase 2021

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