It's no secret that I am from Louisiana and a huge Saints fan, regardless of how good or pathetic their season is, I'm right there with them. I would like to think The Saints fans are fair and somewhat respectful. Unfortunately, this played out on national TV and is a shame to all of us Saint fans, the way this guy acted on national TV. He is now known nationwide as a JERK!

Here is the lowdown on the story but it does have a happy ending for the Bengals fan. Tight end Jermaine Gresham had just scored and took the lead 20-3 in the Super-dome.  Gresham then tried to do something nice and tossed the ball to a woman wearing a Bengals jersey. But the Saints JERK actually stole the ball from the Bengals fan. You can see in the video, the Bengals fan is actually begging for the ball! It was intended for her anyway! Pretty pathetic actions from this JERK!

The good news is a representative from the NFL found the Bengals fan and gave her a game ball.

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