Citizens in support of police and various law enforcement agencies brave below freezing  temperatures to show support for police and law enforcement agencies Saturday, November 26th.

With the recent months of protesting in and around Bismarck and Mandan from mostly out of state protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline, the community wanted to show their support and appreciation for the law enforcement community. They call it Backing The Blue Line.


One of the residents said,

this is the least we can do to show our men and women in uniform, we support them and we thank them for their support and protection from these out of state protesters, these people have taxed our law enforcement community, and we want them to know (police) we have their backs

Close 500  supporters show up with flags, signs and words of encouragement as they lines they bridge. Most of the cars and trucks passing over the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, honked their horns in support as they drove past the line of supporters