The man in charge wasn't laughing, but a lot of folks were.

"Saturday Night Live" opened this weekend's show with an eight-minute spoof of the Frank Capra holiday chestnut, It's A Wonderful Life.

In the black-and-white fantasy, Donald Trump learns what life would have been like for him and all his associates had he not been elected.

In this alternate reality we learn that Hilary Clinton is president (the emails turned out to be "Bed Bath and Beyond" coupons), Melania has divorced him and made a fortune in real estate ("If Donald can do it, anyone can") and a terrorist attack was foiled by a team of transgender Navy SEALS.

In short, everything is better for Donald and all his friends.

...and Mike Pence has, er, "come out"...

Best of all is Robert DeNiro as Robert Mueller. Alec Baldwin's portrayal of the POTUS is, as usual, hilarious.

The president (the real one), is not amused. As Yahoo! News reports, Mr. Trump has some blistering words for the show in a series of Sunday morning tweets.

What did you think? See the sketch above; your comments are welcomed and apprreciated.

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