In response to the issue, they had in Philidelphia where they had to settle, apparently, they are now changing their policy.

I don't think it would be that big of an issue here in the Bismarck -Mandan, but in major cities where vagrancy is a real issue, I would totally feel bad for the staff there.

My rule of thumb when you go anywhere to use the bathroom or have to go on the computer is to buy something, maybe that's the way I was brought up and not to single out the people with bad manners but it's pretty good etiquette to support the store you're using for a service.

I understand it's people's right to go wherever but it's also the store owners right not to allow certain people that would disrupt the flow of business. That is people that think a coffee shop is a park bench.

What's next? hanging out at diners without purchasing stuff?  Those poor workers.


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