If you would compare this winter in Bismarck, to last winter, which would you prefer? Last season, we had a record amount of non-stop snow. This season, we had record breaking cold temperatures.

Regardless, if you love winter, North Dakota is the state to be.  The Federalist Papers Project ranked every state in the country, according to their winter or the severity of the winters in each state.

It goes without saying, it's obvious North Dakota ranked very high, but we're not #1. (or #50 in this study) Who do you think ranked #50?

TFPP ranked North Dakota at #47 toward the bottom of the list for winter. At #50 was Minnesota. Really? How can the Gopher state be any worst than ND? Minnesota does not have the non-stop wind we have in the state. I OBJECT!

With nothing, mountains or forest to stop the cold Arctic winds from Canada, North Dakotans are hearty and a strong people for being able to live, love and work through the winter months. Our wind, especially during the winter has TEETH! It can HURT!

The other states  for the worst winters include Alaska, Michigan and Maine.

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