This country is full of strange laws that are on the books. Some are funny, some are strange, but they are all true.

For instance, there is a movement in the country to make tampons tax-exempt. Michigan is one of 10 states that has tax free on candy, tampons is not on that list, yet. Next door in Minnesota, animal activist will love the 6.875 % statewide plus local taxes on real fur coat purchases, and this applies to on line sales. Fake fur in the state are safe though.

In Missouri, it pay to be married, single men are taxed. Yes, single men, ages 21-50, are charges an annual tax of $1. This law was passed in 1820 to encourage  single men to get married. South Dakota doesn't have sales tax.

Here in North Dakota, our weird tax law, we have an additional $3 sales tax on items considered "white goods" including air conditioners, dishwashers and stoves.

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You can see all strange tax laws for all 50 states here.


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