Some people love to relax with a good book or Nook, either way with vacation and travel, many people like to get some reading in. We have 50 books, one from each state from

There is no real criteria for this list from what I can find, it's just 50 books, one representing each state. As I always do, I like to take a look at our neighboring states.

  • Minnesota- The Long-Shining Waters by Danielle Sosin
  • Montana- The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans
  • South Dakota- 61 Hours by Lee Child
  • North Dakota- The Round House by Louise Erdich

Set in 1988 on a reservation, this political thriller  follows what happens after a woman, Geraldine Coutts, has been attacked. The National Book Award winner looks into the close-knit and complicated political relationships that surround a Native American family living in North Dakota.

There you have it, summertime reading. You can see the complete list for every state here. 

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


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