Individuals around the country are using Facebook in an attempt to trick or deceive the Morton County Sheriff's Office.

According to a Facebook post from a page that supports the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's efforts to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, they allege that the Morton County Sheriff's Office is looking at Facebook check-ins to target individuals who are participating in the protests.

It is not clear if the Morton County Sheriff's Office is actually partaking in this practice.

Under the assumption that they are though, protesters have asked individuals from all over to 'check-in' at the protest site on Facebook even if they are not actually at the protest site. This will make it harder for officers from the Morton County Sheriff's Office to determine who is actually at the protest site and who is not.

Additionally some protesters are purposely misspelling 'Standing Rock' as 'Randing Stock' so if authorities do a search for 'Standing Rock,' their check in will not come up in the results.

**UPDATE 1:05PM** -- According to a Facebook post from the Morton County Sheriff: "The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is not and does not follow Facebook check-ins for the protest camp or any location. This claim / rumor is absolutely false."