POLL: Are Movie Previews in Theaters Too Long?
Some say one of the best parts about going to the movie theater is seeing all the previews that screen beforehand, but for many, including the National Association of Theater Owners, this is too much of a drawn-out experience. The organization recently released a list of voluntary demands to movie s…
Twins To Screen ‘The Sandlot’ on Target Field Jumbotron
Baseball fans love baseball movies almost as much as the national pastime itself. Next month at Minnesota's Target Field, they can see both at the ballpark. In conjunction with FOX Sports North, the Minnesota Twins will show the cult classic 'The Sandlot' on the Target Field jumbotron…
‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Review
I stand before you, humbled, and tasked with explaining, in comprehensible terms, just what the heck 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' is all about. Attaining comprehensibility, however, is a chore the filmmakers didn't wrestle with, doubling-down on pure adrenaline and big movie star charisma. It's a risky m…
Fracking in the Movies
Hollywood weighs in on the fracking issue with the new populist movie "Promised Land." has their take on the story here.
Where do you stand on fracking?