Viva Las Vegas! In this week's installment of the Tech Ranch, hosts Marlo Anderson of Zoovio and Rockin' Dave Blair compare notes from C.E.S. 2019.

Among the takeaways:

Does 5G really live up to the hype?

The word “blockchain” has developed a certain magical power. Find out how it may affect your business in the future.

Flying cars are on the way, but realistically how soon?

Smart speakers caught the consumer electronics industry by surprise two years ago, so they're trying to catch up by putting Alexa and Google Assistant in everything. Are you ready for Alexa in your toilet?

Why the consumer electronics industry is shifting to a B-to-B focus.

The future of wearables, in particular health monitors

Podcasts are still hot, and now Spotify is getting aggressive about podcasting. Find out why...

...and more.

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