Everyone loves chicken wings. There is something about being able to yank the meat off the bone in one quick swoop.

There are many places to get good chicken wings. Seems like they are all over the place, and even at pizza places that deliver, will deliver wings if you so desire. But, let's face it, just because every eatery has wings, that doesn't;t make them good. Some will do in a rush job, but, I'm talking about excellent chicken wings. You know, the wings you brag about and you look forward to going to that one place, that you know, without a doubt, you're going to get some 'damn good wings'.

According to Travel Pulse, the absolute best chicken wings in North Dakota are located in Bismarck, and Fargo, and any city that has a Sickies Garage.

You can get the traditional or the boneless. But, are you really eating chicken wings if you get boneless wings?

At Sickies Garage, featuring over 20 different sauces for your wings like Cranberry Habanero and Cranberry Chipotle. A flavor for every day of the week if you want.

Back to my original question, are chicken wings real 'wings' without the bone? In my opinion, any type of chicken wing without the bone 'in' are chicken nuggets.

And let's not forget about the full line of burgers at Sickies Garage.

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