Who doesn't love Chinese food! Those long buffets with everything from fried chicken(nothing says Chinese like good fried chicken) and all those noodles with those little pieces of meat that you love, of which you hope is beef. 

Anytime you compile a list of "the best" of anything, can be dangerous. One thing we are passionate about is FOOD!

Yahoo.com published the list of the best Chinese restaurants today. A total of 50, representing the best offering from each state in the union.

The methodology is explained

 "In our attempt to pinpoint the best Chinese restaurants in each state and Washington, D.C., we reached out to Yelp data scientists. They compiled a list based on the number of stars and amount of reviews each restaurant received from Yelpers. The higher the combined number, the better the ranking. Some of the restaurants serve a variety of Asian cuisine – such as Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese – but devote a large portion of their menu to Chinese food, according to the reviews and menus.

A few of the YELP comments that stood out to me were-

  • at the best restaurants of any kind, you'll find the owner or family member working in the restaurant, either the front of the house or in the kitchen.
  • location doesn't matter, if a restaurant has good food, people will travel.
  • many of these best restaurants are hard to find. They'll be the little holes in the wall, but well worth the effort to find.

The best award in North Dakota goes to Jade Dragon, 1015 Main Avenue, Fargo. You're not going to find a website for Jade Dragon, but you'll find outstanding reviews on YELP. According to a recent review-

" Best Chinese food in Fargo! My sister turned me on to this place and I keep coming back! They don't have the usually buffet that most Chinese places have but I think food quality suffers at places that have buffets and like the fact they stay away from that. Service is always friendly and the food comes out fast and fresh. The food quality you can tell is a notch above most and there seasonings are always great and flavorful. Even the red dipping sauce for the wontons tastes better than any place I have been to and I didn't think you could really make that stuff any different, it's like the ketchup of the Chinese world. My wife likes the lo mien options over the fried dishes and says they are not overly salty like most places. Everything I have tried when I've been there has never disappointed! Left overs are the best part!

You can see the complete list here.

Did they get this right?

Joe Raedle / Getty images
Joe Raedle / Getty images

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