One thing about North Dakotan's are, we are very proud people. Regardless of where you live, I bet you're proud of your community, which is why I think these statistics will stir a bit of controversy.

Stacker recently released a list of the best cities to live and raise a family in every state. Most people love where they live. They're proud of their community and the things and events that represent and make the community.

Families have so much to consider when moving into a new town or city. Education and crime are a few very important items to consider.

Plus there is the cost factor, unemployment rate, and the cost of living. Before moving you have to examine grocery costs, insurance rates, fuel and transportation costs.

There is nothing worse than have more month than money. I'm sure some of you can relate to this scenario.

Stacker said the best place to raise a family in North Dakota is West Fargo. Stacker place a grade on several categories and West Fargo's report card looks like this.

  • Population of 31, 557
  • Public Schools B
  • Cost of living A-
  • Outdoor activities B+
  • Crime and Safety B-
  • Diversity B-

You can read the complete methodology and the best places to live in neighboring states here.




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