If you're someone who looks to Yelp to find where to the best places to go for fine dining, you'll find yourself on your way to Theodore's in Medora.

According to USA Today's list of the best restaurants on Yelp in every state, Theodore's has everything your looking for. Whether you're stopping in for a drink, a salad, one of their bacon-wrapped steaks or the bison osso bucco, patrons say they're a treat.

Their Yelp reviews recommend the lobster bisque several times with several mentions of their "fine dining." You'll also see remarkable reviews of their service and plenty of pictures of their dinner plates.

If you're wanting to test out a local brew there, TR's Tavern is located right inside Theodore's Dining Room as well. The restaurant sits inside the Rough Riders Hotel.

So before you open up your Yelp app next time you're hungry, you know what to expect with the best reviews.