If you had to recommend a place for someone to get a sandwich in North Dakota and recommend what sandwich to order, what place and what sandwich would you tell that person to go to?

Recently Spoon University set out to answer that question by listing the top sandwich in each state.

A couple of years ago, we told you that North Dakota actually has an official state sandwich. It turns out the official sandwich of North Dakota is Sloppy Joe and so it makes sense that the best sandwich in North Dakota is just that.

According to Spoon University, a Sloppy Joe sandwich from The Fabulous Kegs Drive In in Grand Forks is the best sandwich in North Dakota. The restaurant also touts their delicious onion rings and root beer.

Unfortunately, The Fabulous Kegs Drive In is only open during the spring and summer. Once the middle of September hits, they close down. You have about 2 months left to go and get your Sloppy Joes Sandwich.


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