His name is Matthew Dockter, he runs his own business. He has a family, and last night he posted on Facebook THE Most Heartfelt Honest message I have ever read

Without a doubt. I poured over what he wrote, and within seconds I was blown away by how sincere and honest he was. Let me set this up for you - He owns and manages Premier Home Services  ( formerly known as Premier Carpet Care ) - He began his work 6 years ago in Fargo when his daughter Valerie was born - in the course of her life has endured a long medical history - she was born with a hole in her heart. Matthew became inspired to start up HIS own business ( which is not easy ) because of her.

Today he currently has about 5 employees ( including himself ) but he is in the hiring phase as his business is progressing

I had a chance to talk to Matt after I read his post. Once again, within like two seconds his sincerity was obvious. Last month one of his staff, Laura was on vacation, and a pre-planned surgery for Valerie took place at the hospital, with Matt and his wife Kathryn by her side. This is where this story amazes me - Bismarck/ Mandan and about 99.9% of people would understand if a local business would suddenly be closed, or "not available to answer the phone or call you back right away" -  and this is when Matt posted his feelings on what matters the most in life:

"If you called our office this morning, nobody answered.
And this is why.
Because at my company I tell every employee that family always comes first.
Laura was on vacation. Because her family comes first.
I was in this chair. Because my family comes first.
And anytime an employee misses work because of family, I always remind them.
And whenever a client cancels on us because of their family, I tell them the same thing.
Family. Always. Comes. First.
We’ll be fine.
Because at the end of the day, we don’t really do anything that important.
We suck dirt off the floor for God’s sake!
None of this really matters when you compare it to your family.
So I apologize if we missed your call.
And at the same time, I don’t apologize at all.
Tomorrow we’ll be back.
Go hug your family tonight.
Everything else can wait.
PS: surgery went well. No cause for concern. Mostly normal kid stuff.


Matt told me more about his philosophy, and I couldn't agree more. I have never spoken to someone who made it absolutely clear what LIFE IS and SHOULD be all about. He deeply cares about his customers and he has a humble pride in the way he delivers respect to everyone he comes across. "Excellence in the way we perform and treat people..." is the perfect way to describe his work - Carpet cleaning, mosquito spraying, and air duct cleaning.

"Go hug your family..."

Valerie returned from the hospital safely, she went there for non-life-threatening surgery. We wrapped up our phone call with a few simple words from him..."Go hug your family...." That's the message he wants everyone to live by.  I'm hoping that his post will make as much of an impact in your life as it did on mine. Thank you, Matt.


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