You got to eat! That is a given, but you do have a choice as to where to shop for your groceries.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

I've been living here for five years, and North Dakota has the market cornered when it comes to high cost of food. OK, I'm done with that. Business Insider recently released the most popular grocery food store in every state.

I know, you're thinking of Dan's! You would be wrong! Now, you're thinking of Cashwise. You'd be wrong again. Just though process of elimination, you're laying your money on Wal-Mart. Sorry, you're wrong again.

According to Business Insider, the most popular grocery food store in North Dakota is Hornbacher's. Are you kidding me? I have NEVER seen a Hornbacher's in my life, much less in North Dakota.

I had to go to the Hornbacher's website to find their  NoDak locations, and they have one in Grand Forks and another in Fargo.

I'm still surprised!



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