Bismarck has plenty of spots to grab a cold drink, but did you know that North Dakota's oldest bar is located right here in Bismarck, too?

Our friends at 24/7 Wall St. put together a list of the oldest bars in every state and Peacock Alley in downtown Bismarck is North Dakota's oldest bar, established in 1933.

Here's what 24/7 Wall St. had to say about North Dakota's oldest bar:

Located in what was the lobby of the Patterson Hotel, Peacock Alley American Grill and Bar opened when Prohibition ended. The hotel has since been converted into senior housing, but the bar remains. The Peacock Alley still has the original Herman Kretz vintage decor, and the scroll decoration around the door area inspired the bar’s name.

The bar has also hosted its share of famous patrons such as John F. Kennedy, Joe Louis, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

Peacock Alley is located at 422 E. Main Ave. in Bismarck. For more information on North Dakota's oldest bar, you can visit Peacock Alley's official website HERE.

For another fun fact, the oldest bar in the country is the White Horse Tavern, located in Newport, Rhode Island. It was established back in 1673 and was once run by a pirate. That's supposedly true despite sounding like something Ron Burgundy might say while trying to impress Veronica Corningstone.

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