This past Friday, SuperTalk 1270 took to the phones to talk - and to listen.

It has not been a pleasant week for the authorities, or the protesters at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

By Friday October 28, things seemed to be coming to a head at the site.

Anger and frustration seemed to be growing on either side, and to some it seemed it was just a matter of time before things spun seriously out of control.

And rumors have been flying, some of which threaten to provoke an already agitated public even further.

With that in mind, we at SuperTalk 1270 hosted a special hour of call-ins and commentary Friday at noon. Jim and Larry reviewed the events of the past week, took calls, and talked about possible remedies for the problem.

We urge you to tell your friends about this podcast. It is our hope that this will play a part, however small, in kickstarting some serious, informed discussion (of which there has been precious little so far) on the matter.

Your comments welcomed and appreciated.

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