Lately, driving around Bismarck has been absolute chaos. Construction zones are everywhere; it's an actual maze and we are mice.

Without even considering the construction, there are some areas that are not fun to drive through.

Here Are The Worst Stoplights In Bismarck

Google Maps
Google Maps

1. E. LaSalle Dr & Hwy 83

This is one of the worst intersections in town. Why, you ask? If you're turning left, toward Bismarck, get ready. As soon as that light turns green, get ready to punch it; the light only stays green long enough for one car to get across.

This isn't even an exaggeration. The light switches back to red so quickly, it's insane.

Google Maps
Google Maps

2. Front Street

If you are going west down front street, I guarantee you will hit every. single, red. light.

It never fails, if you hit one, you're going to hit them all. Don't take this street if you're trying to get anywhere in a hurry.

Google Maps
Google Maps

3. 9th Street

This 3-lane one-way is generally fine, but there is one stoplight that's problematic.

The intersection of 9th and Main is a giant hill. When there's ice on the ground, this turns into a very scary situation, where you could roll back into cars behind you. Not only that, while sitting at the light you have an overpass over you.

I just feel less than comfy chilling out down there.

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4. Washington & Expressway

Bismarck Expressway is problematic for a number of reasons, but if you're turning right going toward Mandan, you're going to wait.

Not only is this one of the only places you can make a right on red, that whole right turn lane is a pothole, cracky mess.

Which ones do you have the most issues with? Send us a message on the app.



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