If you were to guess which city in North Dakota has the longest average commute to get to work, you might think of the biggest cities in the state such as Fargo or Bismarck. However, that is not the case.

According to Business Insider, Lincoln, ND has the longest average commute to get to work. Of course, one could argue that Lincoln is technically part of the Bismarck metro population, but that would just be splitting hairs.

The research done to come up with such a conclusion was performed by the American Community Survey. The estimated average time it takes workers in Lincoln to get to work is 23.2 minutes, which is the second shortest 'longest average commute' in the country only to Lennox, SD (23.1 minutes).

This also means that regardless of where you work in North Dakota, your average commute isn't very long. It not nearly as bad as Saw Creek, PA, which has the longest average commute in the country which is more than an hour long at 65.6 minutes. That's nearly three times the average commute for Lincoln workers.

So next time you get caught in traffic during rush hour, just think, it could be a lot worse.

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