There are lots of jobs to be had in North Dakota but the best company to work for in the state is probably not one you would ever guess.

The website used data from Forbes, Fortune, and Glassdoor to determine the best company to work for in each state.

In North Dakota, the best company to work for is the North Dakota Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce is split into different divisions including the Department of Tourism, Economic Devlopment, Workforce Development and Community Service.

Now let's get to what makes the North Dakota Department of Commerce so awesome to work for. Luckily, they make it easy for us to find out what being an employee is like as the Department of Commerce publishes a "Culture Book" to give you all the details.

We can save you the trouble of scrolling through it because we already did. Perks for employees include free fruits and vegetables for employees twice a month, wellness events including wellness walks twice a week to keep employees healthy, a whole week devoted to celebrating Christmas topped off by a Christmas party, golf outings, bike races, Halloween costume contests and a summer picnic.

It seems like a fun place to work! Want a job there? You can see their job openings here. Unfortunately, at the time of this posting, underneath where it says, "Job Opportunities" is a very short statement that says, "No openings at this time."


But you can work for Townsquare Media if you want! It's pretty fun here too!