An online petition to merge North and South Dakota is drawing signatures from thousands.

The Fargo Forum reports the petition calls for the joining of the two states, into one, to be called "Mega-Kota."

The petition has collected 2,500 signatures as of Monday evening (1/7/2019).

Periodically, we've seen efforts to change the name of "North Dakota" to simply "Dakota," but this is a bit more drastic.

Fargoan Dillan Stewart started the petition a few days ago, only to see it go viral locally.

His motivation? He says he thinks it would be "pretty cool" to have a state called Mega-Kota.

To be sure, a merger of the two states a long shot at best, but it has some vocal supporters.

Comments by some petition signers offer some interesting comments. Aaron Hemberger writes, "How can (we) be called the United States if some of our states are divided in half?"

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