If you crave North Dakota's best BBQ, Thrillist says there's only one place to get it in 2016: Fargo's Spitfire Bar & Grill.

The Spitfire Bar & Grill is the North Dakota entry on Thrillist's list of 'The Best BBQ Joint in Every State,' which also features Minnesota's Big Daddy's Old Fashioned Barbeque and South Dakota's Rowdy Hog Smokin' BBQ.

So, how did Thrillist compile their list? They talked to some of their colleagues, pitmasters, and other BBQ aficionados from across the country to find each state's best spot.

What makes Fargo's Spitfire Bar & Grill so good? Thrillist points to a competitive BBQ team that has called the restaurant its home since 2007.

The Spitfire Bar & Grill's menu features classic BBQ favorites, like slow-smoked ribs and chicken, along with wood-fired fish, wood-fired steaks, pasta, and a whole bunch more. Thrillist suggests trying the Brisket Supreme.

You can find the Spitfire Bar & Grill at 1660 13th Avenue East in West Fargo. You can also learn more via their official website HERE.

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