North Dakotans will be treated to another show in the skies coming up tonight.

On the night of May 15th (tonight) and May 16th, 2022, North America will witness a total lunar eclipse.  This amazing celestial lineup combination of the sun, earth, and the moon will play out with the eastern and central time zones seeing the entire event.  Mountain and Pacific zones will witness the eclipse in progress as the moon rises.

Unlike a solar eclipse, this is a very safe event as the full Flower moon moves into the earth's shadow for almost three and a half hours.  You will not need special glasses and you can use binoculars and other scopes to view this eclipse.

North Dakota eclipse times are as followed in the Central Time Zone:
A partial umbral eclipse will begin in Bismarck at 9 pm. The moon will enter the earth’s shadow. The total lunar eclipse begins: at 10 pm. The moon will then turn dark orange or red. The greatest eclipse will happen at 11:11 pm. That will be the mid-point of the eclipse. The total lunar eclipse ends at 1:50 am on May 16th. The moon at that point will begin to leave the shadow of the earth. The partial umbral eclipse ends at 12:55 am as the moon will exit the earth’s shadow.

North Dakota should see a pretty good show this time around.

According to the timeanddate website, the duration of the eclipse for Bismarck, North Dakota will be 4 hours and 50 minutes.

So, make plans for just over a week from now, you'll be able to see this blood moon coming to Bismarck and all of North Dakota.



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