Chris Cillizza, an editor for CNN took to Twitter to find 'Trumpian slogans' for all 50 states.

Cillizza got the idea from leaked transcripts of a phone call that Donald Trump had with the Mexican President shortly after the election. In the phone call, Trump reportedly told the Mexican President, "I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den."

So the editor for the network that has been deemed the 'fake news network' by the President and others wanted to get 'Trumpian Slogans' for all 50 states.

Ultimately, this was the slogan Cillizza chose for North Dakota:

However, there were plenty of other suggestions given. Here they are:

And there you have it. Twitter's suggestions for 'Trumpian Slogans' for North Dakota. Thank you Twitter for the suggestions and thank you CNN for the great journalism.


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