The list of politicians distancing themselves from Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump continues to grow.

Not only democrats but even republicans are making statements against the candidate after the release of the vulgar video from yesterday. ( October 7th) And this, just days before the second presidential debate on Sunday.

Yet still, hardcore Trump supporters are still standing behind their candidate. Some are insisting he steps down, but reports say he will not step down and in his apology statement, said he plans to be at Sunday's debate.

WARNING, the video contains offensive language with then TV reporter for All Access Billy Bush.

This video is from 2005.




North Dakota U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp released this statement from her office today. ( October 8th)

These vulgar and offensive comments reaffirm the extraordinary disrespect toward women – as well as many others – we have already come to expect from Donald Trump, but they’re not what the American people deserve, and they’re not what North Dakotans should accept in a presidential candidate."