It's like the old joke: where does a bear like to wander?

The answer: anywhere he wants.

Recently a cinnamon-colored "black" bear wandered into the town of Michigan, North Dakota, where his adventures were captured on camera.

The Bismarck Tribune reports some folks in the town of Michigan grabbed their cameras and cellphones to snap the visitor when he came to town this week.

Seth Smaage got some shots of the big furry fellow as he entered town early in the evening Wednesday. Deb Narum got a shot of her husband examining the bear from the safety of their car.

Ms. Narum says she and her husband followed the bear as far as the terrain on their property would allow.

Several pictures later turned up on social media.

Officials report that a similar-looking bear was sighted recently in Walsh county and speculated that it might be the same one.

North Dakota Game Wardens were able to use "deterrence techniques" to safely steer the bear away from the residential areas.




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