The Watford City explosion this past Thursday is in a cleanup mode right now with members of the Health Department and McKenzie County First responders working around the clock. Then this happened. 

A local pizza place decided to show their appreciation for their work securing the area by making sure they were well fed.

According to KFYR 

Giotto's Pizza made one of their most important deliveries Thursday afternoon.

"We did have a local person call us and ask us to help out. Someone who had been affected by the tornado last year wanted to make sure we made a difference in helping them out as well," said Kristen Robinholt, Giotto's Pizza owner.

Giotto's delivered eight pies and a whole bunch of cheese bread for the responders at the White Owl saltwater disposal site.

"It means a lot because everybody's hungry. If you're out here you can't just leave and get something to eat. It was very kind and very gracious that they were able to do something like that," said McKenzie County Sheriff Matthew Johanson.

Robinholt said that their single act of kindness is a drop in the bucket compared to the way first responders give back everyday.

"Everybody was helping everybody. They're amazing. They put 100% percent into everything they do. Helping out every neighbor, every person," said Robinholt.

Fueling those that always come to the rescue.

It was a nice gesture and also helpful carbs for those working around the clock as well.

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