Well just like that September has come and gone, and now we begin a new month filled with outdoor drama ahead - as in "theatre at night" so to speak. Tonight we'll have our first full moon, but not just any, our show tonight is known as the Harvest Moon. As KFYR reports "It is the full moon that occurs closes to the fall equinox and commonly falls in September, but this year it is happening in October, which is a rare occurrence. This full moon will peak at 4:06 p.m. CT this afternoon..The celestial calendar is just about 29 days from one full moon to the next, but our calendars have some months that have 30 to 31 days." 

Hence why this month of October will have two moons, tonight's and how fitting this will be, the next one will come to us on Halloween night - October 31, Blue Moon will take effect. Which is where the old expression "Once in a Blue Moon" comes from - Last time we went through a Blue Moon on a Halloween night was back in 1944, and the NEXT time it will take place won't be until 2039 ( who knows what kind of Halloween costumes will have then ). You can already make plans to celebrate the Full Moon at it's fullest on trick or treat DAY at about 9:49 am Central time. So while we're at it, maybe a unique costume to celebrate Halloween and the Blue Moon on the same day would be a plumber's outfit. Get it? Plumbers often possess at least a half-moon when they are bending down to fix your sink. For more on this story click here.


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