Judging from the pic, even Carson Wentz is wondering how he, Josh Duhamel, Gov. Doug Burgum, and NDSU's mascot, Thundar all managed to show up in one selfie.

Last week, the entire state of North Dakota was caught off-guard when Carson Wentz and Josh Duhamel showed up in the same place. Little did we know at the time, they actually outdid themselves by adding two more of the most recognizable figures in North Dakota; Governor Doug Burgum and the coolest mascot there is, North Dakota State's Thundar.

The post was made to Instagram by @northdakotalegendary (the account for North Dakota Legendary). You can't get much more legendary in North Dakota than a pic like that.

Although the post was made on Wednesday, July 28, the pic was taken a week before on June 21 at a ceremony for Sanford Health's newest facility in Fargo, which opens July 25.

The only thing that could make the pic better is if it was photobombed by Fergie, or possibly a Transformer. Where's Optimus Prime when we need him?

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