A trivia question I came across today has taken grocery shopping to a whole new level.

As a single guy working in radio, I'd like to think that when I go grocery shopping, I'm pretty practical. I don't purchase any items that I don't need, or haven't run out of. As I prepped for radio show this early afternoon, I came across a trivia question that I was perplexed by.


This had me thinking, "What does my grocery shopping cart typically look like?" It also had me think back to a time when I had the most bizarre combination of items I've ever purchased, which I happened to document.


It's exactly what it looks like.

  • A meat and cheese tray
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • A 5-cheese Alfredo Sauce
  • CT Crunch (short for Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
  • Toothpaste
  • A snow shovel

Based on the trivia question asked above, I can only wonder what someone would think upon viewing this cart. To my insecure knowledge, any female who may have witnessed this probably thought, "This guy is a psycho with a thing for cheese and CT Crunch, but at least practices decent oral hygiene," as she would immediately make a beeline in the opposite direction.

I've never been one to care what others think of what I'm doing, especially when I'm grocery shopping. However, it might be tougher not to wonder what others are all about, upon seeing what they're purchasing now that I've had this come to mind. How did I not think to look at this sooner? You can make a game of it. It makes grocery shopping something to look forward to.

Whatever happens, just make sure you're not creepy about it. That's not cool at all. But who knows, maybe some singles out there that are part of that 25% that filters out potential partners based on their grocery shopping habits, or maybe after seeing this, you've found a new way to do just that.

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