Thrillist is at it again, they published a list of the most underrated place in every state.

From time to time, I disagree with Thillist, but I must admit, this time around, I really do agree with them on this one.

How did Thrillist come up with this list? Good question! They asked experts, visitor centers and other knowledgeable people from each state. And they came up with this list.

So, the most underrated place in North Dakota is the Enchanted Highway. Indeed! I agree! The Enchanted Highway is off I 94, and starts at Exit 72 near Gladstone and ends 32 miles down the road in the small town of Regent. You'll see all these huge sculptures from everything from geese in flight to giant grasshoppers!


It's a great way to kill and afternoon and in Regent, there's a gift shop, hotel and decent food.

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