Be it the thick pizza pie or the thin crust pizza, seems it is the universal food that everybody loves. Young and old, everyone love pizza and everyone has their favorite place to buy their pie. Cheapism lets us know where to get a delicious pie in every state.

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Cheapism used a very simple methodology to determine who made the list and who was left off the list. The criteria was simple, taste and cost. And I love how simple they made it. After all, it's all about the taste and the cost of your pie.

Making the list for North Dakota was Rombus Guy Pizza. With locations in Grand Forks and Fargo, RGP made the list. And their story is intriguing. Starting in 2000, two 18 year old guys wanted to venture into business. It started as a smoothie shop from a snow-mobile trailer. With hard work, schooling, mentoring from business leaders and financing, Rombus Guy Pizza was born and business is good. And their pizza is delicious!

You can see the complete list, for every state here.

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