Most gas stations on the outside are the same. There's pumps. There's gas, and that's it. But once you walk inside the convenience store, each gas station is worlds apart.

So that begs the question. Which gas station in North Dakota has the best convenience store experience?

In areas like Pennsylvania, the debate is fiercely contested. I can speak to the experience first hand as I went to college in Pennsylvania and made many friends from all across the state. The competition between Wawa and Sheetz is never ending.

The debate between those two Pennsylvania gas stations has been covered by The NY Times, Business Insider, and of course in Pennsylvania media as well where the cocompetition was deemed a 'civil war.' Wawa and Sheetz both offer a variety of fresh hot food. Personally, I was never super impressed by either location. Both places were, in my opinion, 'not bad.'

Here in North Dakota, I don't think there is as much of a debate between gas station convenience stores. But across the state, we have many options from Cenex, to Love's Travel Stop, to Kum & Go, to Tesoro and more.

Gas Buddy, the popular website that seeks out the cheapest gas prices in a given area took on the task of determining the best gas station retail locations in each state. It was based on user reviews on the Gas Buddy app.

In North Dakota, Tesoro came out on top above all the others. And in case you are wondering about Pennsylvania, Sheetz was given the edge. Though in New Jersey, Wawa won.

See the full results here.

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