Next time you're in the Twin Cities, and you're hankering for a Juicy Lucy, where will you go?

Burger lovers in the Upper Midwest could debate endlessly on where to find the best Juicy Lucy (often spelled "Jucy Lucy").

First, the definition: a Juicy Lucy is a hamburger (cheeseburger?) with hot, molten cheese cooked inside the meat, generally between two patties.

Recently Bon Apetit conducted it's own ranking, dispatching editor Alex Delany to several Twin Cities eateries that specialize in the meaty and cheesy treat. As part of his "research," he ate, nine burgers in nine hours.

For the full juicy ranking, check out the video. Suffice to say, Minnesota burger connesieurs have plenty to debate.

And now for some more good news: you don't have to drive all the way to the Twin Cities for your next Juicy Lucy fix.

Lucky's 13 pub near Kirkwood Mall serves up their own satisfactory version called the "Juicy Lulu"...



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