No PUN attended, I assure you, but I have a "MOVING" video to sure you in just a bit

Not a piece of video that will move you to tears, or make you sad, after all, I do hear people say things like "That MOVIE really MOVED me" - stirring up emotions and things like that. This 57-second video a friend of mine took shows you the power of nature when Mother Nature is trying to shake off all the snow she dropped here in Bismarck and Mandan ( coming up just two inches shy of the all-time snowfall record of 101.6 inches back in 1996-97 )

Yes, it is kind of like "The Law Of Gravity" -What goes up MUST come down... you would think that WHEN snow accumulates into a miniature mountain in the Alps here in parking lots and occupies parking spaces in apartment dwellings, ONE day down the road it will all melt and disappear. The hope is that WHEN it does, it peacefully leaves us and glides away giving us our space back. However, the dangers come when more water goes into local rivers, hence this video I am about to show you...

Heart River 2nd Train Bridge

Annie Otto


This video was shot last Friday, and last week there were several flood warnings issued - such as in Burleigh and Morton County. You can feel the raw power of snow and ice surging along the river, and check out high it got. Once again the bottom line is, never to underestimate the strength of Mother Nature. Personally, I'm ok with a pleasant slow dissolve of our snow dunes around the city.

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