Valentine's Day is coming up; we're running around, trying to get boxes of chocolates, dinner reservations, and stuffed bears for our loved ones.

There's one other essential thing you need to make Valentine's Day complete; that's flowers, of course. --Roses, to be exact.

We all know a good bouquet of flowers can be spendy, but in which states are roses the spendiest? Finance Buzz did some research and found out the answer to that question.



The average cost of a dozen roses in the United States is $80.16. According to the source, most states fall within a $5 range of that total.

However, there are other states where buying a dozen roses may mean taking out a second mortgage on the house.


Holy Cow

While moving to Hawaii might sound like a good idea in the dead of winter, you might want to consider the cost of goods. A dozen roses costs approximately $108.

That's 35 percent more than the national average, making it the most expensive state for purchasing a dozen roses. Ouch!

The second most expensive state is Nevada at $93.98, then Montana at $92.


Least Expensive

If you're looking for a good deal on roses, Pennsylvania is your best bet. A dozen roses go for $66.15. That said, driving to another state would certainly defeat that purpose. The second most wallet-friendly state is Massachusetts, then Alaska.

North Dakota

Where does North Dakota fall? According to the source, on average, a dozen roses will cost you $86.63 in North Dakota.

North Dakota falls right outside of the top ten MOST EXPENSIVE states to purchase a dozen roses. We came in at number 11.

I'm very sorry to say woo'ing your loved one costs a little more in North Dakota... ahhh the things we do for love.


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