In Critter Corner this week, you'll fall in love with Qudoba!

Qdoba is a neutered male orange Tabby that is FiV positive and he is approximately 2 ½ years old.  He is a fun boy and will keep you entertained!

Qdoba loves attention but one of his favorite things to do is to drink out of a faucet.  In fact he will sit in the sink and wait for you to turn it on.

Qdoba only has three legs but he still likes to jump up on the shelves at the shelter and hang out in a basket.

Qdoba also won’t turn down a good belly rub!  Qdoba also gets along well with his other FiV positive buddies.

He's a fun and curious boy and he is waiting for you to come visit him, get to know him and be your forever buddy!

Stop by the Central Dakota Humane Society for the complete adoption process and you can see all of the cats and dog looking for loving homes from CDHS.


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