Something happened that drove this little boy to tears. And you'll never believe what it was.

Little Jackson Blitch is a four-year-old boy who was just going along for a car ride with his dad when he started tearing up. His father, Mark Blitch, saw what was happening and decided to record his son's tears on video. Now, this might seem like a weird response to a kid crying, but it turns out he was just recording the very first time that Jackson had been "moved" by something.

You see, A Great Big World's "Say Something" was playing on the radio, and something about the lyrics and music moved Jackson to tears. We all have a song or two that really strikes a chord with us emotionally, so we can understand Jackson's feelings. It also doesn't help that "Say Something" is one of the most touching, emotional songs to be released in recent years.

Mark confirmed with Jackson that it was the song that was causing him to cry and asked if he should change the music so that he wouldn't be sad anymore. He said, "Do you want me to change it? Or you like it?" Through his tears, Jackson urged his dad to keep playing the song, reveling in the sweet melancholy of listening to a sad song and enjoying every moment of it. We've all been there and Mark just happened to catch Jackson's first time on video.

We personally can't wait until he discovers The Smiths.

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