If you have a fear of clowns, please be prepared for this Halloween. With the release and inevitable success of the "IT" movie remake, clown costumes will be very popular this fall.

The new movie, "IT," came out this past Thursday to rave reviews. The movie scored an 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. For anyone who has no idea what the movie is about, or haven't read the original Stephen King novel, **SPOILER ALERT**, a clown that goes by the name, "Pennywise," is the villain. Even if you don't have a fear of clowns, Pennywise is super creepy.

The movie is doing extremely well in its opening weekend. It's already broken the Thursday night record for an R-rated movie, which was previously held by the fantastic "Deadpool." With the ever-growing popularity, Pennywise is certain to be a popular costume, come Halloween.

You may remember that there were sitings of creepy clowns across the country last fall. There were also some that showed up on the campus of Bismarck State College in October of last year. For whatever reasons they have, these people like dressing up as clowns, just to dress up as clowns.

In stark contrast to those creepy clowns, there are some that work professionally as clowns. Some of these people have voiced their objections to the new remake of Stephen King's novel adaptation of "IT." They are worried that with the release of the movie, for those who already fear clowns, "IT" will only exacerbate those fears and make it more difficult to land working gigs.

However, the biggest worry, especially for those with a fear of clowns (also known as Coulrophobia), is the amount of people you'll see locally that will be dressed as some type of clown this Halloween season. There's the Pennywise costume, the very basic circus clown costume, the creepy clowns (let's hope those don't show up this year), and of course, the always popular 'Joker' costume. That's a lot of clowns.

So please be prepared, North Dakota, especially those who suffer from coulrophobia, because this Halloween season, you will see more clown costumes than ever before.



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