Would you quit your job? Of course, you would.

Could you imagine sitting at your desk, climbing a ladder, working a checkout, crunching numbers, or frying eggs for other people while all the time wondering how you plan to spend that $106 million?

Planning in itself is a full-time job!

First out figure out where you want to live. Then buy a new house that's nice but not too darn big.  Get new stuff. Now figure out what to do with all the rest of it.

According to the state Lottery winnings in Minnesota are combined State and Federal taxed at 31.25%

So for your $106 million Mega Millions Jackpot win, it seems to me you stroll away with a little over $73 million. So it goes. Figure $3 million for house, stuff, toys, etc. I know that seems conservative, but seriously- $3 million is a lot!

Leaving you with $70 million large but it's not in your bank.

That must be the "get paid over time" option? So that's the question facing the individual that recently purchased a lottery ticket at a Holiday Station Store in Ramsey, Minnesota. According to KVRR the winner does also have a $64 million cash option. Meaning you don't have to wait for any of it.  Honestly, I'd like to have it all in my hand and those monkeys off my back.

So taking that into account, after house and stuff you're holding on to $61 million.

So what would you do? According to the article, a recent change in the law states that winners over ten grand can remain anonymous.  Sure, your family might notice a few changes but who else has to know?

No winner has come forward at this time.  Minnesota's had Mega Millions now for twelve years and this is their first jackpot winner. I never play the lottery (ok twice), so I'll never know the feeling of a $61 million direct deposit statement.

How about you?

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