Football fields can take the elements.  Snow, rain, sleet...none of that will stop the giants of the gridiron from playing the game!

Of course, that's because The Thundering Herd plays in the former Fargodome.  For the next ten years, you have to call it Fargodome at Gate City Bank Field. It's indoors and it's cozy and it's comfortable.  Meanwhile, the NDSU Bison baseball team's home field is outdoors at Newman Outdoor Field.

OUTDOOR is even in the name!  It should be ready soon.


That's an artist's rendering, that's really more Dickinson than Fargo.

The Associated Press is reporting the Bison baseball team has had to play their first 36 games of the season on the road because of a really crappy spring here in North Dakota.  If you're from around here, you know what I'm saying.

So the Bison have been everywhere man...

NDSU has played its first 36 games on the road or at neutral sites because of an unusually wet and cold spring in Fargo. That number is heading toward 39 after Tuesday’s home opener was canceled because of cold and unplayable field conditions due to recent snow and rain.

The Bison have logged 21,860 air and bus miles so far — they’ve played in California, Florida and seven other states — and are projected to travel 27,918 through the Summit League Tournament. For comparison, it’s about 25,000 miles around the world.

The Bison (23-13, 11-4) seem no worse for the wear. They’re in first place in the Summit League.

So the kids are out playing in the sunbelt while still trying to attend school.  Tough schedule for certain. But it's one thing to be playing outside.  It's another thing to ask me to come to your game.  I'lll bundle up for a high school football game or one of those cool outdoor hockey matches, but I'm not wearing my Carhardts to your baseball game. Sorry baseball, you'll have to find a more committed fan.

But when it's time for the smell of the grass and the crack of the bat...

You can count me in for a game or two.  Seems like that's feeling more like June or July.  I presume college ball will be over by then. Oh well, when are the Bison projecting their "true" home opener?  Looks like Tuesday, May 3rd. It appears possible.

Well, May 3rd might work. Weather Channel says a one in four shot at showers, cloudy, and 51 degrees.  A bit breezy...but baggers can't be choosers.

See what I did there with "baggers"? That's a baseball thing right?

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