Has anyone else noticed a theme while scrolling through Facebook lately? North Dakotans seem to share the same type of post time and time again. 

Of course, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't done 1... or all 5 of these posts. I'll probably continue to do it, too. Let's laugh at ourselves and look at 5 annoying things North Dakotans do on Facebook, shall we?

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    Updating Your Status About the Weather

    Seriously, we have windows. We all know it's snowing, raining or hailing.

    If I had a dollar for every time someone posted a status about the temperature, I'd be rich. My personal favorite post is the screenshot of the temperature off of a phone. If you're wondering, it's 22 degrees right now.

  • Kateryna Khyzhnyak, ThinkStock
    Kateryna Khyzhnyak, ThinkStock

    Play-By-Play of Every Vikings Game

    I can appreciate a good football game. However, I appreciate it more when I don't have to read the same status over and over about a missed field goal.

    This doesn't necessarily go for just Vikings games. I'm talking Packers, NDSU football, UND hockey or whatever team or sport you like. For some reason we really love letting people know what's going on, even though it's probably happening on the TV in front of them.

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    Photos of Sunsets

    I don't blame you for wanting to post a photo of the gorgeous sunset over the river, but it's been done. Thousands of times.

    Actually, who am I kidding? Our sunsets are kick a**. Keep posting them.

  • Elena Elisseeva, ThinkStock
    Elena Elisseeva, ThinkStock

    Posts About Wanting to Leave ND

    I get it. I was once that ambitious 18-year-old that thought living in Bismarck was one of the worst things ever. You know what I found out? I was totally wrong.

    If North Dakota isn't your cup of tea, I encourage you to explore and find what's right for you. Just don't bash our state with an over-dramatic Facebook status or meme. North Dakota is pretty awesome.

  • ARENA Creative, ThinkStock
    ARENA Creative, ThinkStock

    Complaining About Bad Drivers

    This winter has put all of our driving skills to the test. I am a TERRIBLE driver, so I definitely don't talk about anyone else's ability. Everyone's first time driving in the winter is scary, cut them some slack!

    However, if you're that person going 50 mph in town on icy roads, you have every right to get called out on Facebook. Slow down. Thanks. :)

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