As Bismarck hunkers down preparing for a possible blizzard on Tuesday, the sights and sounds of golf are alive and well

Yes, last Thursday kicked off the "Super Bowl" of golf, in Augusta Georgia, the 2022 Masters Tournament. There will be many families without their fathers this weekend, as they hold down the couch glued to the television set watching every single second, especially this year. What could be better? How about hearing that Charlie Woods, the 13-year old phenom, SON of Tiger Woods, has signed a letter of intent to play golf for North Dakota State!

My eyes jumped through their sockets like a cartoon character when I saw the headlines yesterday

There I was on a lazy Saturday afternoon, like so many people enjoying their phone for what it is nowadays - no not talking into them, but hitting every social media site like ESPN, Facebook, and of course Google. Then I saw it - from the title of the article screamed out "Charlie Woods commits to NDSU Golf" - You have got to be kidding me? I dove into the article with great interest, scanning through every word.

"Woods signed his letter of intent to play at NDSU on February..." continued "...but the news wasn’t made available to the public until last weekend. The university said in the press release, “We wanted to make sure everything was finalized before we got everyone’s hopes up.” Tiger Woods was at the time I was reading this actually playing at the Masters, an amazing comeback from the car accident that almost crippled him for life last year. So this incredible story that I was reading continued, I still couldn't believe it, but every word made sense until I saw this:

Cute.....wait a minute, I know it's NOT April Fools, in fact far from it, we all survived through the typical "Ha Ha, FOOLED YOU"...yesterday was April 9th, and then what I should have noticed from the very start, was this:

I had been duped.....nice job Andrew.


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